Kadonnut Poika

An old Finnish tale about a young man who gets lost when trying to hunt down a wolf.

Three brothers go out hunting different animals: a fox, a hare and a wolf.
The first two of the brothers return home after a successful hunt, but the one who went after a wolf, doesn’t.

The fourth brother then goes out to find him. Local old women tell him that they saw a young man skiing after the wolf a couple of days ago. He takes his skis and goes after the brother. After asking for more directions from the trees and twigs of the blue deep forest he’s instructed to get on the top of a tall hill.
There he finally makes a contact with his lost brother, but is unable to get him to follow him back home. The brother tells him that he’s already beyond a dark cloud that prevents him to return to the land of living and the malevolent spirits have already claimed him for good.


Stjärnorna (The Stars) Is a song Anna wrote when she got, once again, provoked by the thought that the norm is everyone should have a pair. The sentence “stjärnorna på himmelen de paras par om par” (The stars on the sky pair up in pairs) is a well-known text from many folk songs. Anna´s text continues with “That shall never happen to us”. This is a love song for everyone who does not have an “other half” .


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