Anna Fält

Photo: Simon Voigt

Anna is originally from Finland and had her bachelor from North Karelia University of Applied Sciences back in 2011. After that she moved to Sweden and has pursued her solo career around Scandinavia having Malmö as her base. Annas specialities are different singing traditions from Finland and Sweden, combining the bright Scandinavian and dark East-European tones. She writes new music pretty much all the time, loves forests and shores of Öresund, yoga and long discussions about politics, feminism or just basic humanity.

Besides her solo concerts, Anna works with performing arts and multidisciplinary art projects, various folk song courses and workshop, and as a freelancer journalist.

Joonas Ojajärvi


Joonas got his first touch of folk music before his first birthday when his parents took their firstborn child to the folk music festival in Kaustinen. Ever since he has been building his career as a versatile multi-instrumentalist whose scale of genres has at its wildest reached from archaic Finnish music to hip-hop.

Joonas has been a member of many folk- and folk-rock groups from Eastern Finland, such as Folkswagen, Rälläkkä and Kiviveneh, all of which combine the distinct musical traditions from Eastern Finland and Karelia to Western Finnish and contemporary styles. He has composed and arranged a lot of music for theatre- and folkdance groups, and has worked as a musician in many theater productions, including the city-theatres of both Savonlinna and Joensuu. He is also a sought-after teacher in Eastern Finland for workshops and his instruments.

Jenni Venäläinen

Photo: Simon Voigt

Jenni is a versatile kantele player who uses different kantele models from 5-stringed kantele to 38-stringed concert-kantele. Jenni started to play 5-stringed kantele as a child in her home village, where there was a “kantele boom” going on. Kantele stole her heart and she continued on to a professional musician. Kantele inspires Jenni because the instrument has many possibilities, sounds and playing techniques which all make it easy for her to express herself.

Besides ILMOI, Jenni plays in many ensembles. Most active ones are Sorbattjin, Esterin Teekannu and Tikkursby. She also teaches kantele in music camps and music schools when not performing.